When The Foot Fetish Goes Wrong

40 year old Tampa resident, Raymond Roland Collette admits he has had a foot fetish since he was a teen, but now he is in trouble with police after being caught enticing a minor into sex.

Collette had placed ads on Craigslist over the last three years with the title, “Seeking to worship sneakers”. Collette, who was posing as a woman named “April Love”, suggested he would be willing to pay to “smell someone’s sneakers”.  He began to talk to someone noted as “KK”,  But when KK mentioned she also had a 4 year old daughter he then turned up the creepy and “expressed (his) wishes to worship (the girl) while she is wearing her sneakers,” according to an FBI affidavit.  Collette then followed up with a picture of a 10 yr old girl he claimed was a niece and that they “trade children sometime”.

Turns out the girl in the picture was from the Facebook account of someone that attended Collette’s church, where he also worked as a media director.  The parent of the girl in the picture told police that Collette had once tried to get the girl a job modeling sneakers.

But in online talks with KK the talk quickly turned sexual, specifically about KK’s daughter, “I would like to worship (her) sneakers while she wears them, teach her to worship mine.”  He was arrested and is being held without bail.


Is This Lazy or Ingenious?

Austrian Hans Url, 56, was unemployed and determined to stay that way.

Wanting to retain his government benefits, yet not having to put in any actual labor Url had a problem.  He learned that if he didn’t accept a job that was found for him, the government would drastically cut the money and other benefits given to him.  But if he psyically could not work…

…A plan was hatched.

On Monday, just after his wife and kid left home for the day and just hours before a scheduled medical examine tied to his benefit status, Url did the unthinkable.  He put his leg up into a electric table saw in his home and cut off his foot just above the ankle.  For good effect he then tossed the severed foot into a wood stove so it would burn and be unable to be re-attached.

But, Url could not control the bleeding.  He was forced to call an ambulance and was rushed to the hospital.  The foot was pulled from the fire but was ultimately too damaged to salvage.  He was transferred to a different hospital where he is in critical condition after almost bleeding out, but is expected to survive.

A person from the job center Url had been reporting to has stated that just because of the incident Url still faces the possibility of work.  Lacking a foot doesn’t mean you can’t work it seems.  “He will be assessed once he is out of hospital,”  Hermann Gossinger said,  “and we will see what work we can find for him.”

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Damn It Canada! What’s Up With the Severed Feet?

This is an ongoing story that I covered on L&T several times.  The mystery of the severed feet that have been washing ashore in British Columbia for the last four years.  Yes, randomly feet, still in their shoe, have been found washed up on shores along the BC coast.  Just feet, no hands, heads, or nipples.

A ninth foot has now been found, but this time it was in fresh, not salt, water and was in a sock inside a hiking boot and not the normal running shoe.

Now, officials have explained that these feet had come apart from their associated legs naturally, through literally detaching from the water just breaking down the human tissue over long periods of time.  This last foot was in the water for at least ten years.   We know that six of the previously found feet had been from four people.

There has never been a satisfactory answer in my mind to the question that comes after the explanation of how these feet came off of the person.  I get that nature did that part… I want to know why people are floating dead in the water long enough that their parts are washing up on shore.  Are there really just dead people floating around in the ocean waters in such abundance?  I had no idea, its like when I found out that how South Park is made in a week.  Really, I need to understand and answers to the follow would be appreciated:

  • Why nine in four years?
  • Why just feet?
  • Why just in this area, are other feet washing up in Tampa, FL or Dover, England and aren’t reported?
  • Is this a turn on/off for anyone with a foot fetish?
  • Do they ever figure out if they come from someone that had been reported missing?
  • Do rotted, water logged feet smell better/worse than just plan dirty, unwashed feet?

This has to be alien abduction related.  They take someone, anal probe them, try and have forced alien/human copulation, the human ends up dying from the brutal nature of trying to stick an alien wang in a human orifice…. and then some of the rouge, funny aliens giggle as they leave feet in the waters off of British Columbia as a laugh…

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