Facebook Ruins All The Fun

A father and home owner in Tega Cay, SC found out via Facebook that his home had been used for a real-life version of the move “Project X” while he and his family were on vacation.

While away for the July 4th weekend classmates of his children allegedly broke into to the house thru a window and held a giant bash that three months later pics turned up on someone’s Facebook account.  “I’m looking at them like, ‘Wait, this is my house!’ They are running around doing lewd things with funnels, throwing up in the sink, passed out on the kitchen floor.”  The man and his family asked not to be identified.

Interestingly enough the kids that held the party did an outstanding job of cleaning up after their bash.  His kids were told that the organizers came back to the house the next day and cleaned the entire home, did the dishes and covered any evidence that a party had been held there.  The only reason the family found out was because someone decided to brag on Facebook, with pictures – and even tagged the photos with names of people at the party.

The man has turned over the evidence to the police, who are using the tagged names to reach the suspects’ families.

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Cause You Can Never See Enough Live Music

One of the best fruits to bare from the interwebspace contraption is how easy it is to find new music, or even more about music that you already love.  “Back in my day” all of that work was heavy lifting at a local CD shop, fanzine/magazine reading or – ick – having to talk to others.  And while I very much miss visiting my local mom & pop shop to dig through records and listening to others scratched up CDs in the used section, music discovery via the ‘net is a rather darned awesome thing.

Making it better is the never ending and always expanding reach of services to guide you.  Along with the new streaming music services are sites and apps that give you additional information and one of the best is Songkick – a service that keeps you aware of when your bands are coming to town.

Songkick was started back in 2007 and claims to have the largest collection of tour information in the world.  Today it is a great free service that you connect to via an app for your Android/iPhone device, a plug-in type app for Spotify or connecting via your Facebook or LastFM accounts.

Songkick will scan your music collection in iTunes, on your device or wherever and then begin to send you alerts when a band from your music collection is going to appear in your area.  Not only will Songkick alert you to national acts big and small, but also those little, unsigned bands that you have in your collection, all get deserved attention with alerts when they are making an appearance at a local venue.  Lastly, there is even a tab that will show you all of the shows that are happening in your area on each night.  No matter if the band/artist is in your collection or not, all of the shows are there for you to look through.

The service is free, easy to use and the email alerts are not annoying.

There Goes That “Teacher of the Year” Award

The Dallas Morning News reported today that John McDaniel, a band teacher at a Colleyville Middle School has been arrested for soliciting a minor online and having an improper relationship with a student.  While this type of story pops up in the news pretty much on a daily basis, there are a couple of special notes about this one.

First, John McDaniel was listed as Teacher of the Year going into the 2013 school year as printed in a school newsletter than has since been taken offline.  And secondly, the nature of McDaniel’s relationship and actions with this teenage girl are really pretty shocking.

From the DMN blog, the girl’s brother was reportedly digging thru her Gmail account and found that she was exchanging nude pictures. He told their parents and the story unfolded from there.  The allegations date back (2010-2011) to when the girl was a student in the band that McDaniel was teaching.  She would have been 13 at the time.  She claims that the two started chatting via Facebook, sharing issues with their families and that opened the door for McDaniel to begin creepy conversations.  Starting with telling the girl he thought she was pretty, and leading to describing that he masturbated while thinking of her and asking what she looked like naked.

Because the girl was unable to send digital pics, she left one of herself nude on her own cell phone on McDaniels desk.  He returned the phone, but only after taking a picture of his junk with it and leaving it on the phone for her to find.  This began a lengthy continuous exchange of dirty pics and sexting even after the girl had moved up to the high school.  The most recent exchange happened because she’d told McDaniel that she’d also sent nude pics of herself to a boy in her school.  McDaniel asked if he could see what she had sent to the kid and as the DMN reports, that is apparently what the brother found in her Gmail account.

McDaniel submitted to a voluntary interview with police and admitted to having sexually explicit conversations with the girl and sending pictures of his instrument.  The school district made a statement today reporting that the teacher had been put on leave and had been arrested.  In the same statement it is announced that “The field trip to Six Flags tomorrow for fine arts students will take place as scheduled with administration and teacher chaperones.”

(peet: if there was ever a place for inappropriate band trips to take place, its Six Flags.  Trust me)

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The Perils Of Internet Bragging

A 17 year old Australian girl learned a hard lesson about Facebook after flashing a wad of cash on her account.

While helping her grandmother count personal savings the girl took a picture of the wad of cash and posted it to her Facebook account.  That night two men, armed with clubs and knives, raided the girl’s family home and demanded to have the cash shown online.  The girl’s parents told the invaders that she not only wasn’t there, she didn’t live with them anymore and the men left only with some personal items and a small amount of money the parents had.  No one was injured.

Police are searching for the two men, but also are using this as an example of the dangers of the information that people put out online.

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Two Words: “Masturbation Races”

Zachary Meints, 24, a former youth hockey coach was arrested on by Boulder police on five counts of Internet Sexual Exploitation of a Child.  Dating back as far as 2009 Meints was talking online with boys as young as 13 while working as an assistant coach with the Boulder Hockey Club, and continued when he changed clubs a couple of years later.  That team was called, “The RoughRiders”. (peet: snicker)

Meints alledgely has admitted to chatting with boys and encouraging them to send him photos of themselves naked and challenging them via Facebook to “masturbation races”.  Meints is out on bond and his arraignment is at the end of this month.  His actions were discovered when another coach overheard him talking to players not on their team and later heard players on their team talking about Meints.  The coach asked one boy who told him he would get texts from Meints about hockey, but then would turn to other conversations about sex and requests for nude pics.  The boy even told that Meints contacted him just a couple of weeks after the boy’s mother had died, asking about the size of his penis and for pics.  He claims that Meints once sent him pics of himself posing naked.

Police began to question other boys and found that Meints had been conducting similar conversations with several other hockey players – including using Facebook as a way to talking to them, asking for pictures and challenging them to races with pictorial evidence that they’d “finished the race”.  (peet:  Eeewww)

via ABC 7 News

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You Will Never Get Girls Doing This

Neil Geckle is a 19 year with a really twisted sense of humor.

Geckle allegedly picked girls via their Facebook pages, although all attend Radnor High School.  He then would copy pictures of the girls from their pages, masturbate to them, would then digitally edit them to include images of his ween, and then reposted the edited pics back onto the girl’s Facebook pages.  He did all of this under a fake Facebook account with the name, Matt Hemcher.

Police became aware of the crimes when four of the girls went to the police station in hysterics and could only completely explain what had happened to them when they showed the pictures to the police.  “I didn’t understand what they were talking about until one of them pulled out a picture,” police said. “As soon as we saw that, we knew we were dealing with something serious.”

Geckle turned himself in this week and told police he didn’t think “it was a big deal”, but in reality because some of the victims are under 18 he’d created and distributed child pornography.  He was charged with child pornography, designing obscene material and related offenses. He is still in jail after he couldn’t make his $100,000 bail.

To make all of this even more bizarre.  The computer Geckle used to for these crimes, was in his grandmother’s bedroom. found some background information about Geckle that is equally disturbing, or funny, depending on your sense of humor.  On Geckle’s Facebook page he posted that he, “Likes to come home and ‘relieve myself of the days stresses’ by looking at his Twi’lek bikini calendar.  Twi’lek are a race of aliens where the females are known to be over the top beautiful.

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This Is Why I’m Glad I’m Not a Teen in 2012

I was driving back from a out of office meeting today and listening to the replay of today’s Howard Stern show (something I’ve done a lot lately since getting a free trial of Sirius, and have a 1000 thoughts about Howard that probably aren’t of interest to anyone but me).  The show was talking to this kid,  who posted this insane video on YouTube.  You can watch it below.  It is NSFW (language), but with Howard there was a whole discussion about how kids today can do these types of things and suddenly be seen all over the world and have no idea of how it could impact them later in life.

Now, in this video this kid is ‘singing’ a song he made up about masterbating to girls he knows and their Facebook pictures.  It is wickedly funny simply because it’s so silly raw, graphic and downright creepy.  (“Lotion is my best friend” is my favorite line)  In the interview the kid told Howard while he was trying to be funny and make fun of internet lurkers and that it was supposed to be satire, but he understands that anyone might find it offensive and creepy.  He just didn’t want his mom to see it.

And that’s my point.  The kid, who btw already had another YouTube video – where he extemporaneously speaks about the reality of Super Saiyans from Dragon Ball Z – with over 4 million views, seemingly has no concept of who may or may not watch this thing.  He knows the girls in school will see it, but somehow, he’s only ‘worried’ that mom won’t see it.  Never mind the idea that Mr Job Interviewer, College Acceptance Person or Woman He Might Want to Marry in 2027 will happen upon this video and wonder just how fuck’d up he was in 2012.

I know I did a lot of stupid things when I was a teen.  I simply can not comprehend the trouble I would have created for myself if I’d had the internet, much less the ability to record and distribute videos worldwide (for free!).  When I add that to the insanity seen in the recently shut down and how many teens and 20somethings are willing to send the most sexually graphic images of themselves to be posted on Twitter – well, I really begin to feel a total sense of agreement with my wife on our decision not to have kids.  Good grief.

But damn, this video makes me laugh – a lot.  Some it though probably is nervous, self conscience laughter only because I can’t quite be assured I would not have done something as stupid as this if I was a teen in 2012.  Although in reality, what I most likely would have produced and distributed would have been closer to this famous video


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If You’re That Worried About Instagram

NEW YORK, NY - APRIL 09:  In this photo illust...

With Facebook’s one billion dollar purchase of Instagram – a company that had yet to make any revenue – a good percentage of Instagram users are in freak out mode.

Understandably concerned that Facebook will dig their data mining tentacles into the rich information that Instagram pics provide via facial recognition and geo-tagging, many people want to close their Instagram accounts and find a new playground.  To be fair, Facebook promises to keep the two things separate, for now, and haven’t made any changes – yet.  In fact Instagram has added 10 million users since last week’s announcement.

But if you are one of the peeps that wants to bail, and no judgement here, there are alternative applications and even ways to pull your pics from Instagram and save them.

Here’s some alternative apps (links will open iTunes)

  •  Hipstamatic and D-Series are two apps from the same company, the latter is free
  • Camera Bag – Just filters, no social media
  • Picplz – Tight social media sharing capabilities
  • Phototoaster – Filtering tools more along the lines of professional editing, and less gimmicky (free version is Phototoaster Jr)
  • Magic Hour – Make your own filters! (free version is “lite”)

And for Android (links will open in Google Play)

If you want to pull your images out of Instagram and save them… There are ways, but all take some work and outside help


If I’ve missed other options, please put them in the comments section….

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The Shortlived Stalker App

“Girls Around Me” was an app in the iTunes store, but it ain’t no mo.

The app, designed by a Russian developer, i-Free Innovations was to allow users to know when women are in their vicinity and information about them.  Using information they gathered from Foursquare and Facebook API’s, the app presented user photos, profiles about women near them and allowed them to access them directly from the app.  “It makes it easier to find and eat meet people.”

Obviously Foursquare wanted nothing to do with this and pulled access to their data from the app, claiming it violates a ban on the aggregation of data designed to prevent ‘an inappropriate overview of a series of locations’.  The app was pulled from iTunes shortly thereafter.

The developer wrote a rather lengthy defense of the app to the Wall Street Journal that you can read for yourself.  In it he points out that the app only used information that was publicly available from other sources and that there was nothing anonymous about it.  Claiming it had already been downloaded “70,000 times…nobody ever raised a privacy concern “.

Certainly their marketing of the app didn’t help.

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Teacher-Student To The Extreme

You have to give James Hooker credit.  He cashed in all his chips for this one.

Quitting his jobs as a high school teacher, and leaving his wife, kids and home all so he could “follow his heart” and move into an apartment with an 18 year old senior, Jordan Powers, who attended the school where he taught.

Hooker and Powers met when she was a freshman, but they contend that a relationship didn’t begin until she turned 18.  Powers’ mother, Tammy, has started a Facebook campaign,  ‘James Hooker to Jail Page’, and contends she can prove the pair have been sexually active well before the girl’s 18th birthday.  The girl moved out of her family home last week to move in with Hooker.

Police are investigating the relationship, and the couple know they’ve hurt a lot of people.  Jordan was quoted explaining her feelings about James this way, “[He’s] my best friend. I mean he’s more than just a lover”.


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