Wheelchairs Make for Shitty Get Aways

John Christopher Champion, 22, had been acting suspicious to the employee of a Chevron station in Chiefland, FL.  For several hours he had been riding his motorized wheelchair in and out of the store.  Wearing a Gators hat and sweatshirt, Champion was sizing up the store and the clerk for a heist.

Just after 10pm Champion rolled up the counter, brandished a knife and demanded the 54 year old woman hand over the cash.  She fought back, actually stabbing him in the leg three times before he was able to get away with a 12 pack of beer and a roll of electrical tape (?!?).

The police were called and found Champion in short order, stuck in the sand behind the store.  His wheelchair sank into the sand as he tried to get away.  When they found him he was drinking one of the beers and insisted that while he did steal the beer and tape, he didn’t rob it.  He also was under the impression that cops would not arrest a handicapped person in a wheelchair, but obviously that isn’t the case.

Champion was arrested and charged with robbery and aggravated battery.

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