Mythbusters Test Goes Very Wrong

Discovery Channel’s Mythbusters were trying another experiment taping of their show on Tuesday in hills of northern California.

The test was to find out just how far a softball sized cannonball would travel.  The test was to blast the cast iron ball into tubs of water, then a cinder block and if it was to get through those, there was always the foothills of California to stop it.  But then there was a misfire and the “ball” went flying over the hills and into a neighborhood in Dublin, California.

The ball found its way through one entire house, blasting in at the top of the front door and eventually exiting the house by an upstairs window.  Then it crossed the street and fell onto the roof of a house 50 yards away across the street and finally found its final resting place as it crashed through the passenger window of a mini van next to the house.

While there was no one hurt, there was extensive damage, but it also may make for the most awesome episode of Mythbusters to date.

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