Best Drug-Test Fail. Ever.

And it happened in Florida…

20-year-old Mishelle Salzgeber of Dade City

  1. is one sly trickster (or so she thought)
  2. needs better friends for urine samples
  3. should know her ‘special purpose’ was not intended for smuggling.

Salzgerber was arrested for a probation violations and was being booked into jail on Monday when a X-ray scan showed something hidden in her vagina.  What police first thought was a pill bottle, turned out to be a small travel sized vodka bottle that Salzgerber removed for police during a strip search. (peet: who’s the poor soul that has to witness that?)

The bottle was empty, but Salzgerber’s explanation was that it had contained urine of a friend that she used in an attempt to pass a drug test with her probation officer.  The only problem is that the urine from the bottle ended up also testing positive for drugs, which is what lead to her arrest and the public distribution of her innards with a vodka bottle shoved up her junk.


via WTSP