Teacher in Trouble for “Cone of Shame”

A Florida teacher’s job is in jeopardy after it was found that she had put a dog collar on several of her students as a form of punishment.

The collar sometimes called the “cone of shame” is intended to prevent dogs and cats from chewing on wounds or themselves after surgery.  The teacher placed the cone on as many as eight different students after showing the Pixar movie “Up”, where a dog wearing such a cone appears.  That apparently is where the teacher got the idea.

A letter from the Pasco county Superintendent states, “…your actions show extremely poor judgment and concern me for several reasons. I am stunned that you would put dog collars on students for any reason.  I am very concerned that you used this collar to punish and embarrass students in front of their peers.”

Students defending the teacher claim that it was all a joke and are worried that the teacher will lose her job.

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And This Too Happened in Florida

And we also have a “Dad of the Year” nominee, although maybe we just give it to him?

Michael Lee Mitchell was arrested on Tuesday after being charged with various accounts of child abuse when it was alleged that he had used dog shock collars (wonder what radio show he listens to?) on his two daughters as a form of punishment.

But that isn’t all.

It seems that Mitchell was really into unique forms of punishment that focus on extreme forms of physical exercise.  The girls, ages eight and four, reported to authorities that their father would force them to run “suicides” that included running repeated sprints, flutter kicks, push and sit-ups.  He also had made one of the girls run along side his moving car for three miles.

When all of that wasn’t enough, he then turned to the dog shock collar, and while threatening to place it around their necks he put it around the arm of the older girl and the waist of the younger.  The eight year old says that at one point noticed Dad wasn’t looking so she took of the collar and ran into the woods.

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