When Family Gathers to Watch Wrestlemania…

Friends and family in Destrehan, LA gathered at a home Saturday night to watch Wrestlemania 28.  From that party, Stephen A Arceneaux III would not survive the night.

Arceneaux was killed by a “rear naked choke hold”.

Reports say that while watching the pay per view event,  Arceneaux began to wrestle on an inflated mattress with his 14 year old cousin.  Arceneaux, 5’10” and 220lbs ended up with the 5’6″ and 110lb teen behind him with the teen’s arm around Arceneaux’s neck.  The teen was squeezing and Arceneaux refused to “tap out” or give up.  The hold was in place for about 30-40 seconds.  Witnesses report that Arceneaux was turning blue in the face and yelled for the teen to release the choke hold and when he did Arceneaux had stopped breathing.

His wife performed CPR  and others called 911.  He was transported to a local hospital where he was pronouced dead after doctors could not revive him.

The teen has not been charged, but police are investigating the situation.

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