Meet Ms DipShit

I understand that jury duty, for many, is an unwanted waste of time.

<yoda> But “civic duty”, it is, for you </yoda>

Denver’s Susan Cole wanted out of her jury duty so badly she put on quite a show for the judge and was successful for getting out the assignment straightway.  And that would have been the end of it, but Susan decided she needed to call into a local radio show and brag about her accomplishment.

Cole showed up for jury duty in a get up that included by her own description, “I put black eyebrows on, red lipstick on, left my hair in curlers and wore a tee shirt that read ‘Ask Me About My Best Seller,’ I put my lipstick on like someone who really didn’t know how to put lipstick on.”  She also says that she told prosecutors that she suffered from post-tramatic stress from her time in the military, had been homeless and was the victim of domestic violence.  She was dismissed from the case on the spot.

Juror number 4361 can now wear her reindeer socks and crazy makeup to another court hearing as she’s been charged with perjury and attempting to influence a public servant (both Class 4 felonies).  Police became aware of Cole after she called the Dave Logan Show and bragged about the event during a segment about jury duty.  The judge she’d fooled was listening to that show and an investigation to find her began.

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Don’t Get Too Close to Giant Dog’s Mouth

This Denver TV morning show host, Kyle Dyer, was doing a story on Max an 85 pound Mastiff (peet: that is how they describe him, but this looks more like a pit mix to me) who had been recused by firefighters after falling into a frozen pond.

During the live segment Dyer is kneeling and petting the dog who appears to be as happy as can be, and then he snaps at her.  He reportedly gets her on the lip.  Dyer was treated on the scene by the firefighters that were there, and is now in the hospital getting treatment.

There isn’t anything gory, and she goes off camera as soon as it happens. When they cut away to her co-host his freaked out expression is pretty hilarious because he’s trained to go on, but you can tell he’s worried and doesn’t know what to do.

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