It Happened in Florida

LB Williams, a 50 year old Panama City man has committed crimes of love.

See, LB, has a lengthy history of trouble with the law was worried his wife would divorce him and take his daughter away too.

Williams, who is black, is married to Donna, who is white.  So, LB hatched the bizarre plan of burning a cross in their front yard, and leaving threatening racial messages of hate to scare Donna into not leaving him.

On November 4th a cross was found burning in their front yard and two days later a note that said something to the effect of “Don’t leave that n!gger”.  It was also signed “KKK”.  This latter part obviously set off some red flags as the KKK isn’t known for supporting interracial marriages.

Donna realized the note was in a similar handwriting to that of her husband and from there the police were onto LB.  He was arrested and charged with two felonies: domestic violence stalking and exhibits that intimidate.

It looks like LB’s best attempts to keep his wife have failed, as ridiculous as they might have been – “He truly is a good man. He doesn’t drink, he doesn’t do drugs and he works like a dog,” Donna Williams said. “We just can’t be together.”

via News Herald

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