What to do When Whole Wife Won’t Fit in Fireplace

Donald K Greenslit (yes, that is an actual last name) has been accused of not only starting a fire that ended up sending two kids to the hospital, but a fire that was intended to dispose of the the chopped body parts of his wife, their mommy.

A fire at Greenslit’s (snicker) home started in the basement.  Fire crews were able to bring the fire under control and save the two children, but investigators quickly began to ask questions when parts of what looked to be human remains wrapped in cloth were found on the scene.

Greenslit confessed to stabbing his common-law wife and trying to get rid of the evidence by cutting up her body into parts small enough to fit into a fireplace.

Neighbors report that the couple could regularly be heard fighting and that she had previously gone to nearby homes asking for cops to be called after she’d been abused.  Greenslit has a record of domestic abuse and actually was on probation.  One neighbor claims he had stopped by and asked for a shovel to borrow.

Suspect asked neighbor to borrow shovel:

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