Man Kills Himself After Verdict

A Phoenix man was found guilty of burning down his own Biltmore mansion because he couldn’t pay the mortgage and minutes after the guilty verdict is read, he died in the courtroom.  The bizarre case went over the top when courtroom video appears to show the man ingesting some sort of suicide pill(s) in the moments after the verdict is read.

In July of 2009 Michael Marin was found outside his burning mansion after he escaped via the second floor, but while wearing scuba gear.  As the guilty verdict was read, and facing up to 21 years in prison,  he can be seen in the video closing his eyes, putting his head in his hands and pushing something into his mouth.  Then he takes a drink from a water bottle.  Five minutes later, looks to put something else in his mouth for a 2nd time, takes another drink and swallows several times.  Seconds later he begins to convulse a little and then it becomes more violent.  People rush to help, others call 911, he’s in an ambulance within 10 minutes, but later was declared dead.  It will take two weeks for the toxicology tests to come back, but the general feeling is that Marin killed himself.

Marin was a former Wall Street exec, had climbed Mt. Everest and other significant mountains, but he couldn’t climb down from the mountain of debt he had racked up.  He had a $2.3million ballon payment due on his home, but had only $50 in his bank account.  Police accused him of setting the fire and escaping in the scuba gear so that he could avoid the smoke inhalation.

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It Happened In Florida

An unidentified man made an appearance in a Broward County courtroom for charges on drug trafficking had a giant pair of balls.

His jacket was covered in an illustration on how to manufacture crack.  A lawyer in the courtroom at the time, and who took the attached picture was shocked, “I realized the gentleman who was up at the podium in front of a judge charged with trafficking is wearing a jacket with a how-to manual of how to cook crack cocaine. I couldn’t believe the gumption this person had.”

The jacket graphics showed piles of white powder, baking soda, a pot on a stove and the slogan, “stack paper say nothing”.  (peet: who in the hell makes this thing?)

The judge either didn’t notice the jackets meaning, or was the height of professionalism and never commented on it.


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