Don’t Let Your 5yr Old Chew on Used Rubbers

Parents in Littleton, CO are worried sick over pending medical test results of their 5 year old daughter.  Why?  Because the child had attempted to blow up a condom found on the school playground.

Another girl actually found the condom and gave it to her as a gift.  The girl, not knowing what it was or thinking it was a ballon, tried to blow it up and then put it in her pocket.

“It scares me,” the dad said. “This is the scariest thing I have ever been through in my life.”

There is the obvious concern if the condom was used or not and how supervisors at the playground could miss it.  A search of the playground after the incident reportedly turned up other condoms and other items.  A letter was sent out to all the parents of the school and many are concerned on how the children are being watched, and certainly if anyone is wondering why their kid’s school playground is other people’s sexual playground and rubber dumpster.

The girl is undergoing a series of test this week to determine if she contracted any diseases.

via TheDenverChannel (w/ video report)


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Los Angeles Just Ruined Porn

The city council of Los Angeles yesterday mandated that actors of adult videos wear condoms during sex scenes.

The vote comes (peet: giggle) after a debate over how to enforce such a law and the threat from the adult film industry to pack up and move their business to another city.  The council passed the vote 9-1 in hopes of giving actors protections from filmmakers who insist that condoms are not wanted in sex scenes by their customers.

This vote precludes an initiative to actually place the issue on a ballot that would have cost the city $4 million to hold.  There is now a measure to prevent porn producers from simply moving outside the city into LA County.

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Attack of the Semen Collecting Witch Women

Three women in Zimbabwe have been arrest in a two year string of attacks on male hitchhikers.

All three in their 20’s, the trio were involved in a car accident and police found as many as 33 condoms filled with… uh, semen, which allegedly were gathered when the women would drug or force at gunpoint the men to make a deposit.

Now, I know what your asking yourself, “Why?”

It seems that there are sections in that region’s society that use man-mayo for ritual purposes, like ridding one’s self of bad luck.

That’s what I use it for.

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