And this happened, right under our noses

Woke up Saturday morning to find out the great Bill Watterson had been drawing, in secret for three days worth of strips, right our collective noses.

Now, I haven’t been reading the comic pages on the regular for some time, but those there are those that do who were suspicious about what exactly was going on inside Pearls Before Swine.  In fact, a rather serious debate was going on as to the legitimacy of the idea that Watterson would play along for something like this.

Anyway, turns out it’s true.  Bill Watterson drew these panels.  They are funny, beautiful and bring back all the good feelings of a Calvin & Hobbs strip.

Enjoy, ’cause after this attention Watterson is likely to scurry back into his hermit hole for another decade.

Nic Cage Sells Comic for $2 Million

He’s made a lot of really poor movie choices (expect for ‘Raising Arizona’), but he made a quality investment in buying Action Comics #1 in 1997 for $150,000.

It is a true rarity as there are only five other copies of the comic known to be of near equal quality of Cage’s copy and maybe only 100 in total worldwide of any condition.  His copy was graded out at a 9.0, making it the highest quality version publicly graded first appearance of Superman.   There is thought to be a different copy, called the “Edgar Church Collection” copy, thought to maybe be an even higher quality issue, but it has never been publicly viewed.

Cage’s copy was actually stolen in 2000 from frames mounted on his wall along with other comics, Dective Comics #27 and Marvel Mystery #71, and in April of this year the Action Comic was found in a storage locker in Califorina from a man who’d bought out its contents (think, “Storage Wars”).  While the Action Comic was returned to Cage, the other two issues were not found.

On Wednesday, Cage’s copy of Action Comics #1 sold at auction for a record $2,161,000 and is the first comic to breach the two million dollar price point.

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