20Ft Mound of Pinto Bean Death

56 year old Raymond Segura Jr. is dead, and not from any traditional means.

The eastern Colorado warehouse worker was killed last week when a 20 ft mound of pinto beans collapsed on top of him.  Details of exactly how he ended up under the pile are still being investigated, but the mound likely weight several tons.  Co-workers, emergency responders and even volunteers spent an hour digging through the pile in attempts to rescue Segura, but he was dead when his body was uncovered.

Segura had worked for the Kelley Bean Company for 13 years.


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Meet Satan’s Two Good Friends

Jerod Reeves, 29, and Kimberly McCaffery, 35, are two really shitty people.(peet: no, not Kimber McCafferty, although that would be HI-larious)

They are the couple who have admitted to stealing money and possessions from a murder/suicide scene they found in the wilderness.

The pair – who claim to be homeless, without money and desperate – came across the awful scene of the frozen bodies of William Ahrold and his nine year old son, Jackson, near a park along the Colorado River.

Police believe that Ahrold shot and killed his son and then killed himself on December 17th.

Reeves and McCaffery are accused of not only finding the bodies and not reporting it, but also stealing the money, credit cards, an iPhone and a gun from the scene and then were on the run for a few days before being found in a Spokane, WA motel on Dec 23rd.

The most disturbing fact is the admission on Reeves part is that not only did he take the gun used in the murder/suicide, he actually used a hack saw to cut it away from the frozen hand of the father that was still holding it.

“I sawed them off with a hack saw,” Reeves said. “That was pretty crazy. I’m not really sure. I should have left that there.”

Both contend that their actions were born from their desperate situation and were only trying to do what was needed to survive.

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Death By Tree Branch

61 year old James Baker-Jarvis was killed on Saturday in the Northern Rockies as high winds blew a tree branch through is Subaru Outbacks’ windshield.

The branch was about three feet long and three inches in diameter and struck Baker-Jarvis in the chest.  The man is credited with saving his wife’s life by being able to pull the car over and bringing it to a stop before losing consciousness.

Both were taken to a nearby hospital where she was uninjured, but the husband died from his wound.


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