Please, Don’t Drive & Make Meth

36 year old Clifford Ellison is dead.

Police thought it was a result of the car accident he had been in, but something seemed odd to police.  Witnesses reported that there had been “some sort of commontion” in the car before the accident.  Police also found out there had been a 2nd person in the car, who fled after the wreck.

Evidence and investigation revealed that what actually killed Ellison was the fatal neck wounds he suffered when the bottle of of meth he was trying to mix as he was driving exploded and the shards of glass jammed into his throat. 

It seems the two men were trying the old “shake and bake” version of meth where the chemicals are mixed into a glass liquor bottle, and obviously is the cheap, low effort way of making meth.  It is very dangerous and needs only a bottle and a few different chemicals.  Certainly the resulting product is a bit down the quality scale than Jessie and Mr White’s “Blue Ice” from Breaking Bad.

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