Teen Calls 911 Over Mom’s Sex Sounds

The Smoking Gun has posted the story of a Florida teenager calling 911 because she could hear her mother’s love making in the next room .

The teen asked police to put her in a Christian children’s center after calling police at 4am.  The 15 yr old called police because she felt that her mom’s actions were disrespectful to her and she wanted no part of listening to her mother’s lusty moans and whatever other unfortunate sounds.  The mother admits to having her boyfriend over, having sex in her room that happens to be next to the daughter’s and wasn’t aware that she could hear them.

The mother/daughter got into a verbal altercation, but the daughter admitted that there wasn’t any abuse or neglect.  The event ended when the daughter decided she didn’t want to leave after all because it was too close to time for her to go to school.