If You Watch One Video Today

This aired during the Grammy’s last night.  I missed it because I was watching “Luck” and “Walking Dead”.  Later I saw lots of mentions of the “Chipotle commercial” on Twitter and today actually saw it for the first time on You Tube.

It is marvelous.  For so many reasons.

Sure, the message is great and I do admire Chipotle greatly, for working hard to “make a better world” with the way they garner their ingredients.  I love Chipotle, and those of you that know me, know I am a creature of habit and go to particular lunch places on specific days.  Mondays is “Chick-Fil-A Monday’s” and Wednesdays is “Chipotle Wednesdays”.  (Tues & Thurs I take my lunch to work and Friday is a random day – wacky, I know).

But, for me, the real beauty of this spot is the animation.  The stop motion work, the loving care put into the wooden characters, the actual real set and what appears to be a single shot sweep through the whole thing.  Oh, and Willie’s version of “The Scientist”.  Even listen to the thing closely.. Check out the sfx that go with the animation.  Just awesome.

The whole darn thing is just beautiful and makes me look even more forward to my Wednesday visits and 17 pound burrito.

If you have a HD monitor, please make sure you set the video to 1080p and blow it up big.  Really take the time to check out the level of detail in these two minutes.  Really, really impressive.

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