The Debate Over “Prometheus” *updated*

(peet:  I saw the movie over the weekend.  IMAX/3D  The film is outstanding, but not perfect.  As with most of the reviews and in the comment section below, there are parts to the story that just seem not very well thought through – all of that after a C-section? – but the movie is downright  b e a u t i f u l.   It was shot in 3D so the effect is not problematic like it was for Avengers, but it still have my same whining about it – its unnecessary and distracting.  I fully recommend you seeing the movie.  Yes, it clearly ties itself to ALIEN, but the progression to that storyline leaves several questions.  No matter, go see it.)

Today is the release of the movie that is, for me, tied as “most anticipated movie of the summer” –  Ridley Scott’s ‘Prometheus’.

So much weight has been placed on the film because of its “ALIEN Prequel” status, that the ability for it to actually end up being enjoyed is pretty tough.  Additionally the movie companies highly successful campaign of trailers, teasers and websites has not only raised the expectations, but in many ways ruined the movie because they’ve already shown you too much of what’s to come.  I will see it this weekend and share my thoughts, but let’s go to people that get paid to do that.  Here are three movie critics that I think very highly of, for different reasons, and all three have different opinions on if Scott’s movie is a success.

 First is Dave White, critic for – Dave loves this movie, and even rates the 3D very high (and like me, Dave generally loathes 3D).  You should read his entire review here, but Dave loves it the most of the three.

But script potholes and logic blackholes aren’t always how a movie lives or dies. Sometimes scale and sweep and gorgeous pessimistic hugeness, ice-cold beauty, disorganization and the refusal to answer questions form an unlikely but strongly defiant alliance and carry you along on a transcendent wave bigger than mechanics alone could manufacture. You don’t always get what you think you want, but what you wind up with is still immensely satisfying. So you look for hard evidence and reasons for this or that and instead you get evil creatures with no interest in explaining their intentions. You look for God and you get infinite doubt. The tension remains unresolved. There’s no victory in the void. And while you’re still busy asking “Why?” something devours your entire face and decimates humanity.

Next up is a video treat.  Chris Vognar and Robert Wilonsky both work for the Dallas Morning News.  Vognar is the critic of record for the paper, but Wilonsky has a long history as a movie critic and also had his own TV show about the movie biz on Marc Cuban’s HDNet.  They got together to shoot this video and debate the merits of Prometheus.  One of the likes it more than the other, but neither as much as White.

After you see the movie, please come back and post your review in the comment section below…

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Prometheus Has a New Trailer of Awesome

Ridley Scott is back in the Sci-Fi game.  On June 8th he will release the much anticipated and discussed, Prometheus.

The movie was thought to be a full on prequel to his 1979 classic, “ALIEN”, but he hemmed and hawed over that idea. Ridley will only admit that this movie, “shares DNA with” the other,  but with the trailer that was released a few months ago, and now this one, you can see that this movie in some very clear ways is tied to that movie.  Surely there will be a debate if this is truly a “prequel”, but no matter if it is or not, the movie looks fantastic.

If you go to the front page of this site, you will see a promotional video for Weyland Industries and their new synthetic human, “David”.  Not only is it crazy creepy, it sets up the tie in as robots like that were in both ALIEN with “Ash” and ALIENS with Bishop.  The script was co-written by “Lost” Damon Lindelof, and has a collection of stars including the very popular and beautiful Charlize Theron and Michael Fassbender.

The plot appears to be that Weyland industries sends out a team to find the origins of life and get into a mess of trouble.

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