Aussie Hatfield and McCoys

Mark Jorgenson, 29, and hated neighbor Troy Thornton, 26, both of Syndey, Austrailia, were wounded in a legit battle between the two that went beyond fisticuffs.

A long brewing war between the neighboring families came to a head this week over bad driving in the neighborhood and overly loud music.  Reports are that Thornton went to the Jorgenson house with a chain saw and confronted Mark, who in turn, grabbed a samurai sword.  The blood-fest began.

Police and paramedics arrived to find a horrifically bloody scene.  One with Jorgenson’s arm almost completely severed and Thornton did have a finger chopped off.  While the Thornton family admits that Troy did wield the chainsaw it was in self defense from the Jorgenson family who was attacking him first with “bats and machetes”.

Police have cell phone video of the incident and are reviewing it.


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Suicide Via Chainsaw – That Should Do The Trick

Valerie Nash, 47, knows how to “use the right tool for the job”.

Suicide with a chainsaw.

Her body was discovered around midnight Thursday by her sister in the woman’s LA town home.  Sgt. Richard Parks was quoted, “Her sister came home and found her in her room deceased on the bed with a chainsaw wound to the neck,” and an autopsy is pending.  Originally the scene was first labeled as a possible murder, but later changed to suicide.  Later reports came out that her body had signs of decomposition and she may have been dead for as long as a day.

The sisters shared the town home and the room of the deceased was jammed, but the sister could see enough and found her on the bed with the chainsaw next to her.  There was also a suicide note found at the scene.

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Guy Seeks Revenge with Chainsaw

Dean Dinnen got kicked out of an bar in England for smoking and did what any other drunk, drug-fueled-prided-bruised chap would do…

…return to the bar with a chainsaw and look for some revenge.

That is exactly was Dinnen did and it was all captured on the security cams inside and out of the bar.  While he was looking for a specific person (who actually had already left the bar) Dinnen went on a rampage threatening some with the chainsaw, and actually got one person trying to defend himself with a barstool.  That patron, Adrian Pryor, suffered a torn tendon when he attempted to assist a friend.

With other patrons diving, scrambling and fleeing to get out of the way, Dinnen cut through a fire door, made a mess of the place and eventually was stopped with a collection of pool cues, chairs, stools and lots of people kicking him.

He was arrested and charged with grievous bodily harm and something the english call, “affray”, because he threatened people that caused them to fear for their safety.

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