CES 2012 is Here

Another year, another CES.

The Consumer Electronics Show is going on now in Vegas, and if you’ve never been, it really is a sight to behold.  While many experts think that CES is losing steam, and many of the old school attendants have come to loathe the show because its grown in size so exponentally, it still is the best place to check out new gadgets and what is in store for the future.

Ultrabooks:  Everyone wants to copy the success of the MacBook Air.  So watch here for a new stream of competing brands bringing you more powerful, better battery life, super lightweight laptop….er… Ultrabooks… HP. Lenovo…

Ice Cream Sandwich – The current, latest Android OS is now on the Nexus and finding its way, eventually, to other Android devices, but really look for it to begin to appear on Android tablets at this show, some with really powerful chipsets and also even TV sets…

Windows 8: We won’t see a full beta until later this year, and like Apple already , 2012 marks the last year Microsoft will have an official presence at CES.  But hopefully we will see the new Windows OS (one I suspect is going to be way better than people expect) demo’d on lots of different devices, phones, tablets, desktops, etc…

My wish: A personal robot with lasers that shoot from the eyes..

Via CNET, The Guardian, PC and more links!


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