Worst. Good Deed. Ever.

An Oregon man is in the the hospital where his life is in jeopardy after trying to rescue a mouse from the mouth of a stray neighborhood cat.

During the attempt to save the mouse, the cat lashed out at the man biting him on the hand.  The man soon got sick and now is suffering from the extremely rare, but very deadly “black plague”.   He is thought to be suffering from septicemic plague – meaning that his bloodstream is infected with the bacteria and it is spreading.  He has all of the symptoms of the plauge, stomach pain, dying tissue and bleeding from the nose, mouth and … uh… anus.

Less than 10 people a year contract the plague in the USA, and globally, less than 3000.  But the plague is famous for its sweep across through Europe in the 14th century when it killed as many as 75 million people. The bacterium, Yersinia pestis, is carried by rodents and spread through contact with them, but doctors are not sure if it was the bite from the cat or contact with the mouse that infected the man.  Today it can be treated with antibiotics, but it still kills one of seven people who contract it.

“Taking a mouse out of a cat’s mouth is probably not a good idea,” Emilio DeBess, Oregon’s public health veterinarian, told the local media.

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Yes, That is a Helicopter Made of Cat…

Orville was a cat who’s fortune was to be owned by a Dutch artist who had an affinity for the history of flight.  Hence, the the name “Orville” – as in one of the Wright Brothers.

Orville’s fortune ran out recently when he was hit and killed by a car, but that would not be the end of his usefulness.  His owner, Bart Jansen had Orville stuffed.  Then Jansen realized, being the artist that he is, there was an opportunity to marry his career and interest in flight by turning Orville in a helicopter.  Yes, a flying machine made of cat.

Orville’s stuffed carcass was reconstructed with a frame, landing gear, motor, transmitter/receiver and a set of four propellers – one for each paw.  So what you have now is a cat version of the flying toy helicopters you see demonstrated at any random Brookstone in a mall near you.  Said Jansen, “I really love this cat and for me this is a way to actually make him eternal.”

The video below is a test flight, conducted in front several friends who all cheer with delight as Orville hovers a couple of inches from the ground with his legs spread out like some sort of flying squirrel.  Since that time Orville’s design has improved and he can now sustain flight and is more stable thanks to a rudder attached to his tail.  Jansen calls it the Orvillecopter – half cat, half machine… 100% loving tribute.

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3 Freaks, 1 Trailer and 134 Cats

Look.  Not much to tell here, really, it’s just more to look at and stare at these amazing mugshots.

Below is Earl Mallard, 26, Arthur C Millard, 53, (son and father) and Mary A Ryan 61 (an aunt).









They live in a trailer in Halfmoon, NY.  Along with 134 cats (two of which were dead).  After a 19 month investigation police after a local vet reported the condition of a cat brought into their clinic.  The trio “recused” strays from the area, but appear to have not been very good cat caretakers.

You can make up your own funny about their mugshots.

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Beware of Falling Cats

An Argentinian woman was seriously hurt last week when a cat hit her on the head.

The 85 year old woman was walking outside her apartment building when a cat was thrown out of a fourth story window and landed on the woman’s head as she was starting to cross the street.  The cat, the victim of a marital spat, was thrown by the husband at his wife.  Just before the wife was hit, she ducked, and the cat went flying out the window behind her.

The woman suffered a fractured skull, and the cat died from the fall and impact.  To make the story even more odd – the victim was the neighbor of the fighting couple.

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