Golf Course Death Match

At a posh golf course outside of Ft. Worth, TX 48 year old Clay Carpenter is recovering from an altercation that almost cost him his life and still may cost him a leg.

Over the weekend Carpenter was part of a threesome that was behind a foursome that was going slow, and the course marshal had instructed the faster group to play through.

When the threesome, including Carpenter, began to play through that is when things, “turned ugly” and a full out brawl began.  As the fight went on Carpenter claims he was on top of another man when he was stabbed in the leg with a golf shaft.  The severity of the injury was immediately noticeable as a when he stood up the blood was “spurting” and flowing from his groin area and described like a “leaky faucet”.

A 9-11 call from a man in the other group claimed, “He fell on a golf club or something,” the caller says. “He’s passed out once already. We’ve got his artery clamped with our hand.”  But Carpenter contends that the man that stabbed him first swung at his head with the club, then broke off the end before stabbing him in the leg with it.  He says his assailant was not willing to let them play through as instructed and refused to, “defuse anything”.

Carpenter worries that the blood loss will result in an amputation of his leg because there already has been extensive tissue loss.  “I’ll never be able to lift my feet up again,” Carpenter said. “I’ve run full marathons, and I’ll never be a runner again. I’ve lost the ability to properly use my leg. I’ll have to use a brace on this right leg forever.”

He does not know the name of the attacker and there are no reports if he was arrested or will be charged with anything.

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Bondage, Meth, Murder & Sucide

Mark Andrew Rice had September 15, 2009 go from celebration, to kinky, to misery in short order.

Rice had asked his girlfriend, Natasha Carpenter to marry him.  Carpenter, a prostitute,  was a girl he met at a truck stop in Texas.  They fell in love after encounters during his trucking career.  After accepting the proposal, sex games were next on the to-do list, and for this couple it included bondage.  Rice talked Carpenter to allow him to tie her arms behind her and place a gag in her mouth (nothing says love like a little S&M) as part of acting out his fantasy.

Somehow, not completely clear, Carpenter died and Rice’s reaction was to go on a meth binge and drove the body in his truck from California to Mississippi.

Once there he climbed into his truck, with Carpenter’s body in the back, and set the 18 wheeler on fire, hoping to kill himself and, I guess, double kill his girlfriend.  He was pulled from the burning semi and survived the incident.

He pled guilty to arson, desecrating a corpse and was sentenced to six years in prison.

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