Not A Good Way to Break Up?

Michelina Lewandowska, 27, endured a really crummy break up.

Her 25 year old boyfriend, Marcin Kasprzak, deciding he’d grown tired of her, tazed her with a stun gun and then shoved her unconscious, bound and gaged body into a computer box.  The box was put into the trunk of a car and driven out to a wooded area where she, and the box were placed into a shallow grave with dirt, sticks and a tree branch on top of her.

The man and his accomplice friend then went to a bank to withdraw money from her account.

Michelina somehow got herself out of the box, and out from underneath the mound and found her to a nearby road where a motorist found her and took her to authorities.

Marcin and his friend, Patryk Borys are both now on trial for an assortment of charges, but both claim neither intended to kill her.  Their evidence of that are the two holes they poked in the box so air could get in….

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