What To Do When a Python Eats Your Face

A 31 year old woman was participating in a Madison, WI book club at the home of another member.

She decided to take a four foot long ball python out of it’s terrarium despite never having handled a snake before.

The 12 year old snake, named Annie, decided to latch onto the woman’s face – right cheek to be specific – and would not let go until the owner was able to remove it.

Police report that the woman had no reason to think she was putting herself in danger, other than the fact that she was picking up a giant snake that eats meat, and had permission from the owner to do so.  She was treated and released by doctors with no lasting scars or injuries.

…other than the image of that huge snake mouth lunging at her head…..


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16Ft Python Overeats…A Whole Deer

Florida wildlife officials shot a 16 ft python they found in the Everglades late last week in an attempt to stem the tide of the growing python population.

This time though they realized that something was odd.  Like the the fact the snake had recently eaten, something very large, and was 44 inches in diameter at its widest point – halfway down its body.  They cut open the snake, yes, like halving an inner tube, to reveal a full sized adult deer.  Fully intact, the deer weighed 76 pounds.

Pythons have begun to populate in the Everglades and elsewhere in Florida as owners release them into the wild when they realize that a 10ft or longer carnivore probably isn’t a good household pet.  The problem is that the snakes aren’t good for the fragile ecosystem that wasn’t intended for the serpents.

graphic pics!   Scroll down to see the deer inside the snake’s body… You don’t see this everyday


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get ready.  it’s gross.







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