Oh, Thats Where My Hoarding Mom Is…

Well known in her neighborhood as a hoarder, 72 year old Margareta Scheibe worried that people would take things from her.

She collected so much stuff that neighbors referred to her home as the “stinky house” with all the garbage, stray cats and crap strewn throughout the house and yard.  Trash piled up to the ceiling, flowed into the yard and even the two cars were filled with trash, belongings and debris.  The woman’s 46 year old son lived upstairs while she lived downstairs and reportedly had an agreement to not invade the other’s space.

That might explain how the son did not know why his mother died under a pile of collapsed trashed.  As long as a month ago.

That is the reason given by the son, he was only honoring his mother’s wishes to not invade her space, but Scheibe was last seen by friends a month ago.  When they went by to see her, but couldn’t find her, they called police.  Police arrived, but the stench was so bad they had to wear masks.  They did find her decomposing body under a massive pile of crap just outside the family room.  It was determined that she died of heart disease and police assume she just fell in that spot and caused the collection of trash to fall on top of her – burying her underneath.

Neighbors describe her as a friendly lady, a survivor of war torn Germany, the mother of three and a widow as of last year or so.  But she was also a hoarder, afraid to give up anything.  (peet: no word if the son is being investigated, but at the very least you’d think maybe after a day or so – and then the stench – you start to wonder, right?)

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