Yes, Those Bungees Will Snap & Drop You Into Croc Infested Waters

Erin Langworthy decided that trying one of those very touristy bugee-jump-drops-of-death-rides was a stellar idea.

Her choice of location was especially daring, the Victoria Fall Bridge that connects Zambia and Zimbabwe.  Oh, and the river 365 feet below were infested with crocodiles.

Well, as any rational human would predict – the damned bungee snapped and she plunged into the waters below, with her feet still bound together, and the impact broke her collarbone.  She miraculously found her way to the shore and somehow wasn’t eaten by an African crocodile..

The owners of the ride were ‘shocked’ about the failure of the bungee cord because as many as “50,000 people jump it every year”…

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