Yeah, Let’s Add Fire To Running of the Bulls

A Spanish man was killed Saturday morning after being gored to death by a bull with fire attached to its horns. (yes, you read that right)

In certain parts of Spain a celebration with bulls running freely amongst crowds, they turn up the danger factor by actually attacking fireworks or fire to the bull’s horns.  This makes the animals race around shaking their heads in a certain scared reaction to … having THEIR HORNS ON FIRE!!!!  People then taunt the bulls which just makes the whole scene even more dangerous.

Saturday, a 45 year old man died when he tripped and fell.  The bull, who had balls of flaming wax on its horns, charged the fallen man, gored him and then stomped on his head causing “irreversible injuries”.

While bullfighting has been outlawed in certain parts of Spain, the flaming bull festivals, called “correbous” were spared.

via, GuardianUK

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