Now This is Fine Police Work

The video pretty much speaks for itself, but New York City Police’s Sgt. Lesly Charles is in some hot water after this highly entertaining speech to some guys suspected of criminal behavior.  Charles seems to be very proud of the size of his penis, and his ability to use it as some sort of crime fighting weapon.

Maybe the best part though is when contacted by the media Charles’ response was that he is only “…just doing God’s work.  You know I can’t comment… Have a blessed day.”


This is What 2012 Is Supposed to Be Like

Ok, stuff like this is so ‘Jetsons’.

3D printing.  You need a key, a toy, a unique gift?  Have a digital scan of your head that you’d like to re-create in plastic splendor?

How about you just conjure it up on your printer… in your home.

This is the amazing MakerBot Replicator™,($1800) and is actually an update to a older model and was debuted at CES 2012.  From a group of smart peeps in Brooklyn you can actually “print” fully realized 3D things in your home.

Yeah, it’s limited to stuff in plastic (same plastic that LEGOs are made) but if you have an imagination, or if not, just trot over to the online community of to find stuff that other people have already created and get going.

Go goof around the site, look at some of the great stuff they’ve created including a full chess set.  Now, I’m not saying that you’re going to be printing remote controls or fully functioning key fobs that you’ve lost, but here is some leading edge tech that is filtering its way down to the consumer level, and that’s a good thing.


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This, Is Pure Evil

**update**  The man, Jerome Issac, 47,  who turned himself in may not be a former boyfriend, but did work for the victim for a period of time.  He reportedly told police he killed her over $2,000 he claims she owe’d him over odd handy man jobs he’d done for her.  Reports say that the victim had fired Issac over a year ago because she’d caught him stealing from her.  Since the firing the son of the victim claims that Issac had essentially been “stalking” his mother over the fees.


The point to this site really is to catalog stories of human ridiculousness, even when it includes something really gross or offensive.

But then there are stories that aren’t made of idiocy, stupidity or plain bizarre decision making. They are just the darkest of evil.

Saturday afternoon in a Brooklyn apartment building, the man seen here, dressed like an exterminator and carrying a sprayer that would commonly carry bug repellant, stepped into an elevator and doused a 64 73-year old women with a flammable liquid from the sprayer, lit her on fire and left her to die.  The man was dressed in black with white gloves and dust mask was holding a BBQ lighter, a bottle of wine and the sprayer.

The woman, Delores Gillespie, died from a fire so fierce that her body was unrecognizable, and her assailant appears to be an ex-boyfriend and roommate.  The man, unnamed, turned himself in smelling of gasoline.

He cornered her, and methodically sprayed the woman from head down her torso, lit a Molotov cocktail then used the wick to set her on fire.  He then ducked behind the elevator door and threw the bottled bomb back into the elevator car.

It seems that the entire attack has been captured on camera, two actually, ending with the assailant spraying the woman’s flaming body with even more flammable liquid before fleeing the scene.

In an odd way there is a relief that the person appears to be someone she knew, while it doesn’t lesson the severity or terror of the crime – it would have been just that much worse if this was a random attack by a deranged man on a randomly selected victim.

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