The ‘Ol “Breast Cancer” Scam

Starting back in September of last year 27-year-old Jami Lynn Toler began to tell her boss, mom and even her grandparents that she had breast cancer.

Because she was uninsured, she needed money for her upcoming double mastectomy and breast reconstruction, not to mention the radiation treatments.  She lead the efforts through her family, friends and neighbors and ended up raising over $8000 for her treatments and reconstruction surgery.

The problem is that Toler didn’t have breast cancer, she simply wanted a boob job.

Police obtained her medical records and found that Toler paid a plastic surgeon in cash for breast enhancement surgery.  Her story became suspicious when another doctor offered to give her cancer treatments for free and she declined.  Even more ridiculous was the fact that Toler worked in a hospice where people actually with cancer come for treatments everyday.

Toler was arrested last week and released with electronic monitoring, she was charged with fraud and theft.

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This Is Not How You Cure Breast Cancer

Reginald Gill is 77, married to a 35 year old woman named Leila and together they ran a “alternative medical center” in Wales.

But Gill is now behind bars after it was decided he was guilty of subjecting different women to sexual assault (nine separate charges) and fraud when it was revealed that Gill told women they had breast cancer and offered them an odd way of curing it.

Allowing him to, “suck her breasts for 30 minutes a day”.

Somehow his wife was also in on this scheme, and he was able to con women into stripping naked in front of him because they thought he was a doctor, when in fact, Gill has no medical training at all.  He also actually charged these women for payments on top of sexually assaulting them.  The duo also used an electric shock machine on the women furthering the claim it would assist in curing the cancer than none of the women actually had.  The women met the pair at health fairs under the guise of a homeopathic “ozone therapy” treatment.

Gill was sentenced to eight years in prison and his wife six months.  Both are now registered sex offenders.

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