Be On Lookout For This Boobie Mangler

Police in Tyler, TX are on a hunt for a beauty salon owner that was moonlighting as a plastic surgeon in the back of her establishment.

Carmel Mitchelle Foster-Alexander has two warrants out for her in relation to an illegal breast augmentation procedure she was allegedly providing at her salon.  A 26 year old Longview woman is in critical condition after having the boob job done, and police were desperate to find Foster-Alexander so they can determine what substances she used in the procedure, but a raid of her salon turned up the substance in question.  It seems that at her Queen Diva Hair Salon she was injecting something to increase breast size.

According to reports Foster-Alexander is also thought to have done a similar procedure to a 27 year old cousin a couple of weeks ago.  And as many as five others have stepped forward and there might be more.

Watch this most excellent self-made TV spot for the salon. Wow.

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