Prometheus May Be The Summer Movie

Director Ridley Scott

This is certainly the year of the comic book movie.  John Carter, Dark Knight, Avengers, Spider Man, Abe Lincoln-Vampire Hunter and others all are sourced from the pages of your local comic book store.  Avengers and Dark Knight will likely fight it out over “movie of the summer”, but a warning has been fired at that claim.

Ridley Scott has returned.  The man behind Blade Runner, and ALIEN will roll out Prometheus on June 8 and if the viral videos that are out are any indication, maybe this is the movie you need to plan on seeing.

While Scott has never really admitted it – really more like snuck around the idea – Prometheus looks to be some sort of prequel to ALIEN.  Earthlings travel to some spot that they hope to learn their origins.  It just happens to be that when you watch the trailer, you’ll spy several things that anyone who’s seen the original ALIEN movie will recognize.  A trip to the internet will reveal several really cool websites that all help set the stage for the movie as well  – including one for Weyland Industries that has all kinds of great information and images about the ships in the movie.

A new video was released the other day that shows off the android in the movie, much like Ash or Bishop from the first two.  This one is played by the outstanding Michael Fassbender and the first part – where the robot is unpackaged – is very unsettling.  It ties in nicely with the previously released video that lays some groundwork for the movie and very cooly ties into the TED summits that are so popular today.  It will most likely be rated R, which will limit is reach, but probably improve the movie (more nudity!  more violence!  more!)

I will see all of the above movies, but Prometheus is shaping up to be a excellent box-office opponent for our caped crusaders.

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Gasp! Prometheus Gets a Trailer…

It wasn’t long ago that Ridley Scott (Alien, Blade Runner) announced that he was undertaking an “Alien Prequel” in the form of a movie or two.  The idea was to further mine his vision of the Alien story line prior to the first encounter from back in 1979.  After getting rolling Scott began to confuse the public with discussions on how the movie was taking a very different bent and maybe what he was coming up with wasn’t going to be so much about Alien after all, but it’s own thing.

Now a trailer is out for Prometheus, which hits in June, and if you look at the visuals, the ships, the way the title reveals itself – it certainly smells like Alien.

And that’s a good thing.

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