Black Friday is Near, Don’t Get Trampled

Its simply become THE shopping day of each year.  Its also when we get a few deaths, and a lot of arrests from giant crowds all trying to get their hands on that $10 toaster or $1 bottle of Jack Daniels.

If you’re a rookie, don’t be skared.

There are tons of sites for the Black Friday deals.  But understand that the point to this for retailers is to just get you in the store.  The deals are in most cases just “loss leaders” with the hopes that you will not only take that $5 Ben Sherman shirt, but you will also buy the $500 Kenneth Cole suit to go along with it.

Get your smartphone ready, download the app “Google Shopper” (both iOS and Android) or the excellent “Shop Savvy” .  Use these when in the store to make sure that someplace else local or online doesn’t have it for a better price, or just to give you an idea of what a good, or not so good, deal that is.

Spend time online BEFORE Friday to look at the deals, find what you want and educate yourself.  Make sure that the BF price is really a significant deal.  In most cases anything less than 25% is not a “deal”.

The hard part are electronics, especially TV’s.  There are hundreds of deals in this segment and many really good ones.  But don’t buy a plasma just because it’s $200.  Many of the best deals on TV’s are not good deals for the dollar.  There are some on sale for just a little more that are much better performers and newer models.  Black Friday is a time when retailers want to rid themselves of older models, some of which really are already obsolete.

Some Black Friday sites:

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