I want to suck your blood…no, your boob

Jeff is a 34 year old father of 2 who suffers from ED. And he is was a vampire. And his wife, Michelle, breastfeeds him. The couple are on the season premiere of TLC’s “Strange Sex”, on this their second attempt. See, their first application was for vampirism as Jeff would bite Michelle’s breasts, but didn’t need her blood to survive. When Michelle began breastfeeding the couple’s first child, the vampirism had to stop, but since Jeff was already in the neighborhood the breastfeeding experimentation began. While his ED is not completely cured, Jeff maintains the breastfeeding makes the symptoms far less severe, and has improved his sex life immensely.

Jeff says he and his wife are going on the show so other men with this problem will experiment and find their own cure. However, if Michelle stops producing milk then they will “go back to vampirism.”

Here’s a clip from TLC. Her tooth is hypnotizing: