This Guy Will Sexually Cleanse You of the Devil

Rarely are there events in the Amish community that make mainstream news.  When it does it’s usually something tragic – horse and buggy/18 wheeler accidents, farmhouse collapse while under construction or the understandable interest in the Amish tradition of rumspringa.

But there has been drama going on in the Amish community in the last few months that is really interesting.

Amish-on-Amish crime.

A rouge sect of Amish have been attacking other Amish men and cutting off their beards.  Growing of the beards is a major part of being Amish and having them cut off is of the highest humiliation.  The attacks all surround one man, Sam Mullet.  He is accused of not only ordering the attacks, but also now Mullet is accused of forcing women to have sex with him and ordering bizarre forms of capital punishment on people he felt had disobeyed him

Members were forced to sleep in chicken coops for days on end and women were forced to have sexual relations with Mullet so he could teach some how to better please their husbands and others, “to cleanse them of the devil with acts of sexual intimacy,” said the FBI

The Amish community claim that Mullet is workout outside the norm of their belief system and now 12 people associated with Mullet have been charged with the Hate Crimes Prevention Act, and carries a possible life time sentence.

The Amish believe very strongly in not bringing outside intervention into their communities and they also aren’t big on revenge.  So the attacks were not only being committed and not punished, but victims largely refused to contact outside authorities to do anything about it.  Finally local police were called and now it has grown into a federal investigation involving the FBI.


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