Oddest Cover Story Ever

Amanda and Robert were both arrested at Samuel’s Sports Bar in southern MA over the weekend charged with trying to steal TV’s from the bathrooms.  Their explanation was that in reality they were actually having sex – hence explaining the commotion.  The problem?  Amanda and Robert Larrivee are sister and brother.

A woman using the restroom at the bar reported to the manager that she heard the pair ripping a TV off the wall.  She says that she was able to leave the bathroom without the pair noticing her.  The manager called police and locked the couple in the bathroom to prevent them from leaving.  When cops arrived and opened the door the pair claimed they were in there “having sex”.

Unfortunately for them not only was it obvious they had been attempting to steal the women’s room TV, further investigation revealed they had also attempted the same theft in the men’s room.

Both were charged with larceny over $250, but Robert got the additional charge of “threatening to commit a crime” after he threatened to beat up the arresting officer.

Meet Mr Potty

Vero Beach, FL resident James Raymond needs a internal modesty filter of some sort.

Just too much public nudity  … and pooping.

Late last month Raymond was on the receiving end of a police complaint at a local mexican restaurant.  Reports are that the owners needed the police to remove Raymond who had fallen asleep on the toilet.  “What do you want?” is how Raymond was quoted when approached by the officers.  Raymond, smelling of booze, was escorted out of the restaurant but before he could get to the car he pulled down his pants exposing his own bathroom area.  Once in the car he gave police a false home address and was charged with disorderly intoxication and trespass on property after warning.

But that isn’t Raymond’s only brush with the law and potty issues.

In April of last year Raymond was arrested after a gas station attendant witnessed him defecating in the station’s parking lot.  She reportedly yelled at him as he was squatting and claimed that Raymond turned to her, showing off his genitals to her and yelling, “There you go, bitch”.

via WPTV

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Secret Video of Mom-in-Law Going #2

Jason Good of Virginia is in a bit of trouble with the law, and his wife.

While looking through his cell phone over the weekend, the wife found a video of a woman sitting on the toilet.  She then realized, to her horror, it was her 57 year old mother.

Good had taken the video through a hole in the wall to their bathroom while the mother was in town for Thanksgiving.

Good was charged with a misdemeanor of filming an undressed person.

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