Prometheus and Other Blu Ray News

Its that time of year when all of the summer blockbusters start to announce when they will be available on DVD/Blu Ray – in other words, its a great time of year.

We’ve already seen or will so see a long line of classics finally released on BluRay, including JAWS, the Indiana Jones series of movies, the entire Harry Potter collection and even the long awaited E.T.

The Summer of 2012 brought on a good list of great movies and already you can get your hands on the biggest box office winner, The Avengers, and even what is maybe still my favorite movie of the year, “Cabin in the Woods”.  The latter is a fantastic flick for anyone who is a fan of horror, sci-fi or just interested in an awesomely different take on the normal torture-porn genre of movies.  There is a moment towards the end that will forever be one of my favorite movie scenes of all time (if you don’t know after seeing, ask, I won’t mock you too much).

But soon we will also get our hands on “The Dark Knight Rises”.  While I am excited to see this movie again, I was disappointed to find out that there will not be, not yet at least, a “Director’s Cut” of the movie in this edition.  There has been lots of talk about deleted scenes or a longer version of an already long movie.  Instead what we’re getting on Dec 4th is a blu ray combo pack that will marry the 72 minutes of IMAX footage with the 35mm and a whole litany of “2nd screen features” and stuff tied to apps.  Oh, yes, if you really are into it, there will be a collector’s edition (see above) with a copy of Batman’s broken cowl.

Prometheus may go down as the summer’s most controversial movie, leaving people with more questions than answers and the blu-ray release promises that “Questions Will Be Answered” and will provide alternate beginnings and endings.  There is also a long list of 2nd screen features and an app that you sync to the movie and over seven hours of additional material for anyone that really wants a deep dive into the ALIENS mythology.

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Trust In Joss Whedon

Buffy the Vampire Slayer (film)

This is the week the long awaiting and anticipated movie The Avengers hits screens across the country.  It’s getting solid, if not rave, reviews and many a comic book loving fan is counting their lucky stars that one Joss Whedon was tapped to write and direct the movie.

So, who is Joss Whedon?  You can always go look at his IMDB or Wikipedia page, but the short of it is that he’s the guy that brought Buffy the Vampire Slayer to television.  But he also birth a cult favorite show for Fox back in 2002 called “FireFly.”  This was a space adventure show with a western tilt but it lived only for 11 episodes.  Fox screwed the pooch in canceling the show way too early and didn’t even air three of the produced episodes.  There was also a good, but not much watched, movie called “Serenity” (the name of the main ship in the series) and to this day fans are trying to find ways to get the show rebooted.

Whedon also did one of the ‘net’s most beloved web-series, “Dr Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog” which was a three act play/musical that was distributed exclusively on the internet.  About an aspiring super villain, played by Neil Patrick Harris, the series was one of the first to showcase that content could be placed on the internet and find a real audience.

The point to this simply is that Whedon has a wonderful track record and if anyone was going to make The Avengers a summer blockbuster that could stand the test of time it’s him.

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