The Perils Of Internet Bragging

A 17 year old Australian girl learned a hard lesson about Facebook after flashing a wad of cash on her account.

While helping her grandmother count personal savings the girl took a picture of the wad of cash and posted it to her Facebook account.  That night two men, armed with clubs and knives, raided the girl’s family home and demanded to have the cash shown online.  The girl’s parents told the invaders that she not only wasn’t there, she didn’t live with them anymore and the men left only with some personal items and a small amount of money the parents had.  No one was injured.

Police are searching for the two men, but also are using this as an example of the dangers of the information that people put out online.

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Aussie Hatfield and McCoys

Mark Jorgenson, 29, and hated neighbor Troy Thornton, 26, both of Syndey, Austrailia, were wounded in a legit battle between the two that went beyond fisticuffs.

A long brewing war between the neighboring families came to a head this week over bad driving in the neighborhood and overly loud music.  Reports are that Thornton went to the Jorgenson house with a chain saw and confronted Mark, who in turn, grabbed a samurai sword.  The blood-fest began.

Police and paramedics arrived to find a horrifically bloody scene.  One with Jorgenson’s arm almost completely severed and Thornton did have a finger chopped off.  While the Thornton family admits that Troy did wield the chainsaw it was in self defense from the Jorgenson family who was attacking him first with “bats and machetes”.

Police have cell phone video of the incident and are reviewing it.


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The Things They’ll Find After You Die

In Australia, a 52 year old man riding a motorcycle was killed in a horrible accident when his bike collided head first with an 18-wheeler.

His body was burned and mangled so badly it took authorities time to correctly identify his remains.  In fact, the wreck was so intense that police began to wonder if it was not a suicide.  Finally, they ID’d the body and went to the man’s home to inform the 48 year old woman that lives at the same address about the man’s fate.

When they arrived there was no answer at the door and signs that there had been no activity at the house in several days.  Police forced their way into the home and after a search made a grizzly discovery.  The woman they were looking for was dead and stuff into the home’s refrigerator.  There are reports the woman’s remains had been cut up and packaged into the freezer section, but police are denying that.  But they do admit that the condition of the body is such that they have yet to fully ID the remains.

The also claim to have turned up a possible object that was used in the murder of the woman.  Police now think both bodies are the result of a murder/suicide.

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