Little Girl Gets Tongue Stuck

Jayla Small is a very cute 8-year old Atlanta girl who was simply drinking from a water bottle during cheerleader practice when she got her tongue stuck in it, and couldn’t get it out.

The bottle was a metal reusable water bottle, in fact her mom had bought all three kids in the family the same one, but on this day Jayla decided to stick her tongue into the bottle and when she couldn’t get it out someone called 9-11.  The paramedics couldn’t even figure out how to get it out of the bottle and decided to take her to the hospital.

Once there, doctors tried poking holes into the bottle to relieve the pressure and even cut off the bottom half of the bottle.  None of that worked and doctors began to notice that not only was the little girl’s tongue swelling, but the bottle was starting to inch backwards into her mouth and causing her to gag.  Doctors decided to take her to surgery where an hour later the bottle was finally removed.

Jayla is fine, but obviously traumatized.  Her mother is warning other parents about the dangers of the metal bottle.  (set:  she is secretly hoping this is an early lesson for Jayla about sticking your tongue in places.)

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Death During 3Way = $3Million Suit

This story out of Atlanta is a great example of just why the costs of medical care have exceeded any realities of the American family.  A 31 year old Atlanta police officer died back in 2009 while he was participating in “three-way sex” with another man and a woman who was not his wife.  The trio were at a hotel near the airport and during the vigorous session the man had a heart attack.

This week a jury decided that the wife of that man, William Martinez, should receive $3 million from the man’s doctor for failing to diagnose his atheroschlerotic coronary artery disease and warning the man to avoid strenuous activities – like illicit sex gymnastics, or running to chase a criminal during his work as a police officer.  Martinez’s family claims that the doctor’s failure to properly treat and inform him of his condition was 60% at fault in his death.  The other 40% the jury decided was Martinez’s fault.

The doctor will appeal the decision.

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Dude Wins $1 Million Lottery – AGAIN

Delma Kinney, 50, of Atlanta has won the instant “Super Millions” game for a million dollars.

He won another similar game back in 2008 for a million dollars and put some of that money into savings for his kids college fund.  He will donate a portion of his new winnings to charity.

His purchase came at a food mart when he purchased cough medicine, sat in his car and scratched off the number and he knew.  The odds of winning once is over five million to one, but there isn’t an exact calculation on winning two different games for the same amount at different times.

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