No, The Moon Is Not Crashing Into Earth

Beginning at 11:35pm EDT on Saturday (May 5), the moon will be full and will also look its biggest as it will all year.  For some of you, this is not a result of any drugs or drinking, it’s actually that big.

This full moon phase coincides with its closest distance from the Earth, 221,802 miles, and will give anyone and everyone a spectacular view of a giant and bright moon.  In fact astronomers call it a “super moon”.

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VLA Needs a New Name

The “Very Large Array”, the world famous collection of telescopes scanning the heavens and based in New Mexico, are in need of a new name.

After undergoing a series of upgrades, the National Radio Astronomy Observatory has setup a website for the public to submit names.  Please be mature in your suggestions.  As awesome as it would be to call the place, “Deep Probing”, well, that isn’t likely to win is it?

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