Real Doctors Don’t Ask About Genitals on Phone

The Akron, Ohio community is on alert today after the Akron General Medical Center became the latest hospital in that area to warn residents that a person pretending to be a doctor is calling people inquiring about their genitalia.

A 64 year old women claims that she was called on Tuesday by a man claiming to work for the hospital and after asking her weight, height and age began to ask about mammograms and if she had performed self-breast examinations.  The woman says that the guy then followed up with questions about her anatomy that she found, “unsettling”.  She hung up and called the coppers, probably leaving the suspect very sexually frustrated.

Reports show that calls like this, and others looking for personal information have happened on and off over the last year in the Akron area, and the person claims his name is “Dr Franco” or “Dr Ross”…




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