Hate Uncle? Kill Grandma.

Jasper Aristotle Smiddie, 19, didn’t just murder his grandma, he put a serious amount of effort into the task.

After originally plotting to kill an uncle he was upset with, Smiddie decided that killing his grandmother would be an even greater punishment.  Thinking the uncle would have to live with the death of the grandmother, Smiddie hatched a plan.

Smiddie killed 67 year old Gloria Helfrich first by shooting her in the head with a crossbow, then stabbing her 93 times and then beating her body with a pipe wrench.  He claims to have blacked out and awoken two hours later with blood all over his body.  He then locked the door to the bedroom her body was in, went downstairs and waited for the uncle to come home.  Smiddie then ate dinner and watched TV with the uncle who was clueless that his own mothers was upstairs and dead.

Smiddie was arrested the next day by his girlfriend’s home after calling his own father, who lives in Tampa, to tell him what he’d done.  He was charged with first degree murder.

Teen charged with killing his grandmother with a crossbow:

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