Do Not Rob Mixed Martial Artists

Friday night Anthony Miranda, 24, was out to rob someone.

Walking up to a car near Midway Airport at 11:30pm he asked the driver for a lighter.  He then pulled a gun and demanded the driver hand over his money.  The driver willingly gave up the money, but then instead of getting away with the goods, Miranda tried racking the gun, but it jammed and  made the mistake of ordering the victim out of the car because he believed the driver was holding out on him.

What happened next resulted in Anthony looking like he does in the mug shot to the right.

Oh, and in the tussle, Miranda’s gun went off and he shot himself in the ankle.

The victim was “Justin”, a 6’2″ 250lb MMA fighter and UFC Champion with “former military” training and “hostage rescue”  He claims was happened wasn’t fighting but training that helped him then beat the living snot out of Miranda and hold him down until cops arrived.

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