A Rather Humiliating ER Visit

A 69 year old British man had the most terrible reason to seek medical help.  He had a ring like, sex toy stuck to his junk and it took over 36 hours to get it off.

The fit of the device was so tight that he couldn’t remove it and after getting to the hospital, surgeons couldn’t even remove it so the emergency crews were called in and the man was forced to sign waivers to acknowledge the dangers of what they were about to perform on him.  The firefighting crew, asked to do something that was unlikely in any of their extensive training used a four inch angle grinder to make their first attempt.

That didn’t work, so an air cut-off tool, which normally is used in car wrecks, was finally successful – after an hour – in removing the sexual aid.  The man has been released from the hospital and his name hasn’t been released, but he was given a subscription for a “cooling cream”.  (peet: isn’t that how all of this probably got started?)

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