Speeding Train vs 18yr Old

After this week’s odd story of flying deer parts killing a woman, comes this even weirder story of something that happened back in 2008.

At a Chicago train station 18 year old Hiroyuki Joho was killed when he struck by an Amtrak train traveling over 70mph.  In the rain, Joho was attempting to get to another train, holding an umbrella and never knew he was stepping into the path of a speeding locomotive.  Much like the previously mentioned deer story, the impact of his body and the train had subsequent consequences.

A large part of Joho’s body was flung onto the nearby platform where it hit 58 year old Gayane Zokhrabov knocking her to the ground causing her to break both her wrist and leg and injuring her shoulder.

The reason this 3+ year old story is back in the news is because Zokhrabov won an appeals case this week that will allow her to sue the dead 18 year old’s estate for damages she suffered in the incident.  While she lost an earlier county case her appeal won as a judge decided that Joho’s actions were negligent on his part.  Blindly walking across the tracks, he ruled, it was reasonably foreseeable that he’d be hit and his body flung onto the platform.

There is no mention of what Zokhrabov stands to gain against the estate of a deceased 18 year old, and its reasonable to think that this isn’t the last we’ve heard of this bizarre and tragic story.

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