This Is How To Expose Yourself

At an afternoon showing of “Alvin and the Chipmonks: Chipwrecked” 34 year old Edward L Brown decided he needed to show the audience something.

Expose himself to the theater.

About a half hour into the showing Brown, who was sitting in one of the front rows, took off all of his clothes and then stood up, turned around and faced the entire theather showing off his “chipmunk and acorns” before simply sitting back down.  Minutes later police arrived and arrested Brown with little incident.

Brown’s reasoning for all of this?  A girl and drugs.  Brown claims he was let into the theater for free and who told him if he went and waited for her in that theater, naked in the front row, she would “have sex, smoke crack and heroin”.

Well, who couldn’t pass up that offer?

via Riverside-Landmark

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