Stealing From the Dead

Adrian Kline, 43, of Brighton, CO was working as an embalmer at the Tabor Rice Funeral Home.  The key word being, “was”.

Kline has been accused of sifting through the remains of the dead bodies he was working with to collect metals, specifically their gold tooth fillings.

Evidence shows that Kline may have been extracting the gold fillings for more than a year and may have collected as much as $4200 worth.  He was found out because he would take the fillings in bags to area pawn shops.  He would tell the pawn owners false stories of how he came to possess the fillings, which is a crime in itself, and after a couple of visits one owner got suspicious and called police.

While families normally never request to have fillings removed before burial or cremation because the return doesn’t justify the cost, a collection of the metals over time with today’s price of gold would be lucrative.  Kline told police he was having a hard time supporting is eight children and had turned to selling the fillings.

Kline faces up to 21 years in prison.


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