Punch to Stomach Not A Proper Abortion Technique

Tuesday the Utah Supreme Court overturned a judgement from a discourt’s 2009 dismissal of charges on a teenage girl accused of paying a teenage boy to punch her in the stomach in an effort to terminate her pregnancy.

Back in 2009 the district count decided that the girl was basically seeking an abortion, and terminating a pregnancy isn’t illegal.  Since she wasn’t criminally liable, the court said at the time, the charges of second-degree felony count of criminal solicitation to commit murder could not stand.

Now the girl may once again face the charges as the Supreme Court ruled that paying someone to assault you is not considered a legal procedure under state laws that define abortion.  Claiming basically that an abortion is an abortion, no matter the means to the end, the Supreme Court decided against her lawyers and followed state prosecutor’s point that the law to exempt women who had abortions from murder charges assumed that the method would be “safe and humane” and from a medically licensed person.

The girl paid 21 year old Aaron Harrison $150 to beat her badly enough to cause her baby to abort because her boyfriend had been upset she’d gotten pregnant and threatened to leave her if she didn’t get rid of the baby.  Harrison beat her up enough to leave bruising, but the baby survived the attack, was born healthy and adopted shortly after its birth.  Harrison pled guilty to second-degree felony attempted murder and received up to five years in the pokey.

As a side note, take a gander at Aaron Harrison (right).  Holy cow, if there was ever someone to hire for such a job, this guy appears to be the perfect candidate.    Anyone else feel safe in thinking there is a collection of small animal body parts in shoe boxes to be found under his bed?


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