This is What 2012 Is Supposed to Be Like

Ok, stuff like this is so ‘Jetsons’.

3D printing.  You need a key, a toy, a unique gift?  Have a digital scan of your head that you’d like to re-create in plastic splendor?

How about you just conjure it up on your printer… in your home.

This is the amazing MakerBot Replicator™,($1800) and is actually an update to a older model and was debuted at CES 2012.  From a group of smart peeps in Brooklyn you can actually “print” fully realized 3D things in your home.

Yeah, it’s limited to stuff in plastic (same plastic that LEGOs are made) but if you have an imagination, or if not, just trot over to the online community of to find stuff that other people have already created and get going.

Go goof around the site, look at some of the great stuff they’ve created including a full chess set.  Now, I’m not saying that you’re going to be printing remote controls or fully functioning key fobs that you’ve lost, but here is some leading edge tech that is filtering its way down to the consumer level, and that’s a good thing.


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