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My Not So “Live” Tweets From Tool

I attended the Tool show here in Dallas last night.  My intention was to live-tweet from the venue, but my signal was crap and only a few got out.. So upon request, and mostly because I’d written them and didn’t want to waste them… I reposted all of them this morning on twitter.  Here is the full collection for anyone that cares to read them…

I realize after the fact I may have spent too much time writing and not enough enjoying the show..  shit.

I also realize now I didn’t really tell you what I thought of the show… It was good.  They generally always are.  There were very noticeable parts where their famous tight-nit precision was failing them, but they still are an amazing powerhouse of anger.

Funny, this show after going to the Kayne/JayZ show is interesting.  Next Friday I am seeing the great Shelby Lynne at a 1000 seat theater.  I am so musically diverse.  admire me…

GO FROM BOTTOM TO TOP... both in this twitter section and in your sex life…

My suggestion for $5 of yours

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About five days ago Louis CK, the noted stand-up comic and everyman of the outstanding FX TV show, released online a video of his two nights at the Beacon Theater.

The reason this is a big deal is because Louis CK is doing this as a one man show.  He spent $170,000 to shoot the two nights with a very high end six camera setup, but he edited all of the footage himself on a MacBookPro laptop, and then posted it online to buy for only $5.  There are no restrictions, DRM, or anything really from you putting it up on Torrent, except your conscience.

That’s his point.  Louis CK spent his own money and hard work to make this video available to his fans at the cheapest possible price.  And while some total losers have already posted it on torrent sites, so many people have downloaded it for the $5 that he’s not only paid for the production, the website and whatever, he’s still profiting after only five days and has grossed $500,000.

He even had a fascinating, impromptu Q&A over on reddit (a forum for the nerdiest of web trolls), where he faced down a group that generally would be the first to steal and share and won them over with his honesty and explanation.

If you don’t know Louis CK, he’s the hottest comic going now.  His TV show is simply the best sitcom on TV simply because its so different, and he edits all of that himself too.  He’s honest, raw and can go from explicit to sweet in about three words.

#peterapproved – go spend the $5, download it.  I promise you will love it.

Here is a great interview on NPR

Click here to buy the video


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Turkey Build 2011

You may or may not know that I love to cook on a “Big Green Egg”.  This is a ceramic smoker design based on the very old kamado barbecue from southern Japan.  In the 70’s an American brought the design over and married with the advanced ceramic technologies of the States and the Big Green Egg was born.  While not cheap, the Egg is about as versatile as a cooker gets – from low and slow smoke to hot enough to sear.

Anyway, this Thanksgiving the turkey is being done on the Egg and I thought I’d document it for you.

First Mr. Turkey.  Here he is getting a good washing.

Then he gets put in a giant bag for brining for a day or so

Then today he was pulled out and put in the pan stuffed with apples and a lemon

Then my wife, Catherine, gives him a randy rub down

On to the egg it goes

Smoke, you little dirty bird

The finished product of yummy, tummy busting goodness… Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

Now, with Commenting!

This site has enjoyed a bit of traffic since I started it a few weeks ago.  I appreciate everyone that has popped in to read a story or two.

Now, I want to start talking, discussing, snarking and finding out just how funny all of you are.  I’ve added two different ways to safely comment to the stories I post.  

First is Facebook.  Commenting will also share the story on your wall, so considering to the content on this site, I understand if that isn’t something you’d like to do.  I do hope that you share things on Facebook that you like just so that more people find the site.

Second is Disqus.  It is a commenting system that allows you to set up an account and is widely used across the net.  If you have a Disqus account, or set one up you will likely find plenty of other blogs/sites that you can use it there too.

Either way, I want to hear from you.

*side notes* – and go to the same site.  I bought both URL’s, but didn’t want to make two sites.  So if you’re finding the site because I pimped it on L&T as “thegeekout” and see a different title, that might help explain it.  Also, some of you have asked about this.   I am making zero money from this site.  The placement of the ad for “Ragged Edge” was something I wanted to do for a very small company who’s products I really like.  I have no plans to monazite the site, and frankly, it would have to get about 1500% more traffic before I could really make anything from it anyway.  It just for you and me… Our little secret website… smooches.

Diane Sawyer Must Really Hate Bob Costas

Last night was one of the most bizarre TV moments I have ever witnessed, and I’ve watched a lot of TV.

Bob Costas’ surprise interview with alleged pedophile Jerry Sandusky was as weird, fascinating, maddening and telling an interview as we will ever watch.

Costas, who I think is pretty good at his job, was really tasked with asking a series of hard questions to a guy that the world largely wants shot.  And Sandusky’s answers did not disappoint.  Listening to this guy try and defend himself must have psycho-therapists and clinical physicians around the world with therapy boners.  It really was a fascinating listen into the mind of a guy who, if proven true, is one sick fellow.  I found it riveting.

But the best part, for me, was the competitive media angle.

ABC and Diane Sawyer have been for over two weeks been promoting her interview with Sentator Gabby Giffords and her husband (and astronaut) Mark.  Two weeks of never ending promos, clips from the interview, sneak peek footage, all of what is really a feel good story about two extraordinary people.  It was a “very special” one hour show that was totally eclipsed by Costas’ eight minute interview (entirety seen below) of mind blowing weirdness.

Am I sexually attracted to underage boys? Sexually attracted?

You know, I enjoy young people. I, I love to be around them. I, I…

But no, I’m not sexually attracted to young boys.

I have this mental image of Sawyer freaking out, in a rage, throwing things around the ABC office in a massive talent fit… Freaking out because her giant interview just got “Sanduskied”.

Well played Costas.  Well played.

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Dead at 92, Eyebrows Live On Forever

NEW YORK - JULY 23:  Andy Rooney, a longtime C...

Image by Getty Images via @daylife

Andy Rooney died at the age of 92 on Friday.  After recently having surgery, complications got the better of him while in the hospital.

60 Minutes just a couple of weeks ago aired his last segments and said it’s goodbye, as did Andy.

I personally was fascinated by the fact the guy never trimmed his eyebrows.  Purposefully.  It was his “bit”.

While supposedly being know for witty commentary and outlook on little things in life, really, almost subliminally, we all were really focused on that facial hair that had to be impeding his line of site. “I try to look nice. I comb my hair, I tie my tie, I put on a jacket, but I draw the line when it comes to trimming my eyebrows. You work with what you got” Rooney was quoted about his eyebrows.

How a guy goes thru 92 years of life and thinks to himself, “Yeah, I think growing those out as big, bushy and visually bizarre as they can get”.  And after 92 years they got about as big as two loofa sponges on his face.  Was it a “fuck you!” thing?  Did he think it was a good look?  Did Mrs Rooney have a eyebrow fetish? And more importantly, was that 92 actual years worth of growth, or did he at some point in his youth trim them and then later decide to stop, like at the age of 37?

Any chance his family will trim off little pieces, with hedge clippers of course, and keep them in their wallets or purses?

I have pretty bushy eyebrows.  I have to trim them.  Maybe I should take up that mantle.

Goodbye Andy.  It was a good bit.

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Ryan v Neil: My Dream Pairing Goes Nightmare

Crowded House has been my favorite band for the longest of time.  Yeah, today its “Dad Rock”, but I can go on and on about Neil Finn’s song writing craft and the list of peers that thinks he’s the best out there.  Whatever, I think Neil is the tits.  Last year CH came to Dallas on their tour and Catherine and I were able to meet him before the show.  The band had been taking requests via their website and playing one per show.  In the meeting I told him I had requested the rarity, “Lester”, and he said he’d try to remember.  Well, he did and it was the best concert going moment of my life.  See, Lester is a song about Neil’s dog after it is hit by a car, and Neil’s feelings about the dog.  The week prior to the show our dog, Harley, at the age of 16 died.  We were heartbroken and hearing Lester played live was really a magic moment for the two of us.

Ryan Adams was someone I became aware of because of Scott Richards, the old L&T producer I worked with for 10+ years.  Before the show started every morning Scott would play a variety of songs over the system as we linked to the satellite just to let affiliates know that we were there and getting ready for the show.  Intermixed in those songs were ones that always caught my ear and it wasn’t long before I was asking Scott who it was.  Finding out it was Ryan Adams, someone who I only had read about, but avoided because my impression was that it was too country for my liking, was a discovery.  Needless to say I’ve become a major fan, and my wife and I have been to three different shows, and in fact traveled to Atlanta to see the final Cardinals (his former band) show before they broke up.

Finding out that Ryan and Neil actually performed on stage together for a BBC4 taping of The Songwriters Circle excited me to no end.  Unfortunately we don’t get that channel stateside so watching it has been limited to You Tube videos (below).

The tragedy is that it appears the two got into some sort of argument on stage.  See, Ryan is a sensitive guy.  Neil probably is too, just not as famous for it.  Adams said he was upset that Neil and the other performer sang during his performances, while he sat quietly during theirs.  It seems there was a Finn song, “Fall at Your Feet” that the three were suppose to have done together and Ryan opted out.  This upset Neil, Neil said something to Ryan, Ryan said something back to Neil and I guess the whole taping almost crashed.  Sad, because there are some fine moments in the vids below.  You can sense the tension at the beginning of “Weather With You”, but ignore the drama and enjoy Adam’s performances of Invisible Riverside from his newest CD, “Ashes & Fire” and a flat out killer rendition of “Come Pick Me Up” – which appears to really have the other two on stage in awe.


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The Sins of Your Bootlegging Past…

So it appears that all of those songs you pirated from the net are going to be forgotten and forgiven.

It started with the announcement of the soon to be released iTunes Match, the new Apple service that will scan all of the song on your computer, both legit and those obtained illegally, and provide you access to them via a cloud rather than having to store them on different devices.  Once announced, the idea that Apple had somehow worked out the issue of bootlegs with the record companies seemed improbable, but that in fact appears to be exactly what happened.

We now know that Apple will scan those boots and put them in your cloud space and no one will say anything about it or ask you how you came about owning it.  All you gotta do is pay your $25 a year for the service.

Now we are hearing that Google is likely to launch a similar service, Google Music, sometime later this year.  EMI, Sony, Warner and Universal are reportedly in some stage of talks with Google about the service, setting fee agreements and all of that big-biz hand wringing.

And just like the Apple service, it sounds like pirated music will be allowed into the Google setup without a 2nd look.  Of course you’ll pay a fee of some sort, but depending on how many songs you’ve lifted over the years, that will probably turn out to be a very small amount per song.

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Me & Mr Jobs

Following Apple’s announcement of the iPhone4S on Tuesday, I just had a sense that something was off and just not right. I assumed it was that Jobs wasn’t there, but now we all know there was a larger cloud hanging over the event.

Seconds after I learned of his death, it dawned on me just how pervasive Apple, and more specifically Steve Jobs, has been a part of my life.

I learned Basic on an Apple IIc in middle school in the early 80’s. Thru laziness I didn’t follow up and my programming career was over fast.

In high school, I had an Apple IIe which helped me waste 1000’s of hours playing “Wizardry” instead of printing homework on my dot-matrix printer and saving it on those giant 5.25″ floppies.

In college I had a very cool Macintosh SE20… which sat unused.

About 1990 I abandoned Apple, like most people, and discovered Windows and the internet. That lasted until I discovered OSX, how perfectly easy it was to connect to a network and how much better it was than Windows in ever way.

Then my first iPod which literally changed my music listening life.

Since then I have bought at least 15+ other Apple products.

This has been a lifelong relationship for me. The death of Steve Jobs has made me realize that fact in a way I’d never really considered. I can’t think of another product so intertwined in my daily life.

Thank you Steve.