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Facebook for iPad, Better Late Than Never

Facebook has finally released the long, very longly, awaited application for the iPad (iTunes link).

Gestures, photos and videos play a big part and Facebook promises a high level of easy navigation.  Stay tuned for a review from me.





Netflix Kills of Qwikster Before It Launches

Losing subscribers left and right, and stock shares dropping, Netflix has reversed course and killed off Qwikster even before it started.  The attempt to spin off the DVD-by-mail part of their business probably was a good idea in the long term, but that along with a significant price hike probably wasn’t the best way to go about it.

For now it looks like the price hike will remain, but the two services will continue to be found under the same brand.

From the Netflix blog:

This means no change: one website, one account, one password… in other words, no Qwikster.  While the July price change was necessary, we are now done with price changes.

Bleach Fight at the Wal-Mart

Baby-daddy’s, bleach, Pine-Sol and an evacuated Wal-Mart are all part of a love-triangle story gone wrong.

Theresa Monique Jefferson followed another woman in a Baltimore area Wal-Mart where an ongoing argument continued.  Jefferson has a baby with the other woman’s boyfriend, and well, you can understand why Jefferson would pour bleach and Pine-Sol on her.  He is her baby-daddy after all.

via Baltimore Sun

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Meet Dr. Brown – Satan’s Favorite Dad?

The Houston Press has been following this hand surgeon who throughout the last several years has been accused and arrested for a whole lot of crimes including wife abuse, cocaine and lost his medical license.  The guy has been married several time, each ending in the woman accusing him of battery or abuse.   But that isn’t why he’s here on this site.

Why, is because of the Press’ coverage, in three parts, of the Dr’s letters to his his daughter, Sophie.  Titled, “”Letters to Sophie: The Brilliant, Sensitive Personality Exposed (formerly, bipolar),” these reportedly were written in 2000, about the time Sophie was – a year old.

These letters are essentially marriage/sex eduction primers.  She was a year old.  These are some of the most disturbing things you will read, especially when you take the circumstances into consideration.  Here’s a good quote:

Yes, both man and wife should and will enjoy mutually fulfilling sex — together (it is never fulfilling if you cheat — temporary pleasure and immeasurable guilt forever). Yet, the man physically requires more sex to prevent hypertestosteronism and the…resultant idiocy of the male. Sex doesn’t always have to make you see stars. Typically, it’s the man doing most of the work. You are wise, not weak, to simply give him his 10 minutes of pleasure. Act like your enjoying it and he’ll only take 5 minutes [sic]. Then, don’t forget to tell him how wonderful he was.

Uh, yeah… Trust me, this isn’t the best part or the worst.  But its wholly entertaining.




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It Happened In Florida – “The Gotcha”

A 45 year old man fell of his 65 foot luxury yacht called, “The Gotcha”, and… um… errr…

…into the propellers.

He reportedly fell from a diving board on the back of the vessel, fell off and was dragged under and became the meal of the giant blades.

It is not known if alcohol was involved but the man and his party were participating in the annual three day Columbus Day celebration in Elliot Key which is known for its “hedonistic celebration that in the past has ended with a long list of arrests, injuries and on occasion, deaths.”

via Sun Sentinel





Shiner Killed in Pumpkin Fest Parade

59 year old Marvin Tarbox, Jr (yes, Tarbox was his last name) was died from injuries suffered while jumping his go-kart over a SUV.

The stunt went wrong when the forward ramp failed, the kart flipped end over end and then, to make things worse, other Shiners then ran over Tarbox with their karts unaware of the accident in time.

And of course Tarbox wasn’t wearing a helmet because he was wearing that crazy red felt-fez thing that unlikely provides any protection

via WCSH

Prepare To Vomit… Human Centipede 2 is here

Tom Six

Image by • ian via Flickr

While the original was shocking, gross and totally bizarre, Tom Six’s sequel apparently didn’t garner enough bad reaction for the director.

This new film, which centers around a pump, creepy dude who is so enamored with the actual movie, “Human Centipede”, he goes out to try and not only recreate, but outdo the original.  Going from three humans swewn “ass to mouth” to a full twelve.

Check out Dave White’s review .

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Taste the Rainbow

Yeah, watch this, but it is NSFW, I guess.

Star Trek – TNG, Finally coming to Blu Ray

This alone is a big deal, but the news is they are transferring these from the original film stock.  Also they are reportedly reshooting all of the special effects.

The “Breast Milk Spraying Mom” Loses Job

The woman who sprayed Delaware County sheriff’s deputies with breast milk while resisting arrest last weekend has been fired from her teaching job, according to documents obtained byThe Dispatch today after a public-records request.

Stephanie Robinette, 30, of Westerville, had been a teacher at Summit Academy on Columbus’ East Side. A letter in her personal file dated Wednesday states that she was terminated “as a result of recent developments.” The school informed the state board of education yesterday that she had been fired for engaging in “conduct unbecoming” the profession.

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